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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is typically a facility that provides general care for those that are aging or in need of assistance while carrying out life. Assisted living is a form of senior living but is not a nursing home. We are an Assisted Living in Queen Creek.

Considering Memory Care?

Memory care is for those that are struggling with memory issues. This can be from a variety of things. Maybe they had a stroke, or perhaps they have dementia or Alzheimer's. Contact Arizona Assisted Living to learn more.

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Every assisted living in Arizona has its own personal feel and vibe that they give off. Although we strive to be the very best in friendliness and acceptance, sometimes we aren't the facility for you, that's okay!

Enjoy our amenities!

Arizona Assisted Living Amenities

Assisted Living AZ Amenities (2)

Some of our most popular amenities include our reptile garden, aviary, turtle habitat, movie theater, ping pong, high speed internet, Direct TV, self playing Grand Piano, and our garden area. 

We work with our residents to maintain a healthy environment for everyone.  It is important to us that they have access to all of the latest technology and amenities.  This will improve their daily life by keeping in touch with their loved ones on the outside. When it comes to caring, we strive to offer the very best in the area.

Nutrition is important to us. Our loved ones have provided us with many healthy meals along their journey called life and we feel that it is now our turn to give back.  We hope they will enjoy the meals that we prepare with each other and form long-lasting friendships while they are here.  It is important to us to offer the proper nutrition that is needed for their aging bodies and minds.  This will help with alertness and improve concentration. Snacks and hydration are, of course, always available 24/7 but we prepare proper meals that are served in our dining room or in their room of choice.

Find the perfect facility for you!

Arizona Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facility

Our homey environment is meant to give the residents a sense of belonging.  We hire friendly and personable staff that are ready to get to know each of our residents and their likes and dislikes. This sort of interaction is important to us, as they will have countless encounters with each other. The staff is encouraged to celebrate milestones and give small parties to the residents for special occasions. This helps uplift spirits and encourages interaction between not only the staff but between residents as well. We are all in this together and having social interactions is what life is all about.

Our staff can help assist with the basic needs of each of our residents and many medical needs as well. Each of our residents are at different levels of life and need different levels of care.  That’s okay, we will sit down and go over what you need and what is expected from us.

When you know it’s time for assisted living in Arizona, then it is time to call Arizona Assisted Living. We are licensed by the state and work with families to bring them together and decide on what is best for their aging loved ones.  We take the time to go over the options as well as discuss what is expected of us. The final details are important when you are looking at assisted living in Arizona. Be sure that you take a tour of the facility with the loved one that is going to be staying. Allow them to explore and even spend the day there to see how they like it.

What to look for

Assisted Living in Arizona

Assisted Living Care Facility in Arizona

Every assisted living in Arizona has its own personal feel and vibe that they give off. Each facility will vary in amenities and services provided, like memory care.  Although we strive to be the very best in friendliness and acceptance, sometimes we aren’t the facility for you, that’s okay!  We truly care about everyone that comes through our doors and if you are more comfortable somewhere else, then we encourage that. This is going to be their new home.

When you are looking for your new home, it is important that you not only like it but love it. You need to feel right at home with the assisted living in Arizona facility of your choice. Both finding the level of care that you need to be combined with the atmosphere you are comfortable with is important.  This is home. Remember that when you are visiting.  Don’t think of it as a place that you are visiting but how you would feel living here.

We encourage our new residents to get to know others in the facility by engaging in group activities and coming to the dining room to eat. Many of our residents are very inviting and welcome newcomers with open arms.  They are happy to speak to you about living in assisted living in Arizona and how they feel about our facility.  We encourage this interaction, as it helps with the transition from home life to your new life.

Got questions on
Assisted living in Arizona?

Should you have questions regarding assisted living in Arizona or living at our facility, please ask!  We have helped families make the transition from home to assisted living Arizona and are happy to help answer all the questions you might have.  Assisted living in Arizona is there for when you can no longer care for yourself and need a little help. We work with you at your level and can even assist with rehabilitation.

Our goal is to have all of our residents happy and healthy even if that means only a short stay. We encourage our residents to be their very best.  A positive atmosphere and mindset are important at all stages of life. We work with our staff to help them understand the benefits of encouraging words and a positive attitude as well. It is important to our residents and the overall atmosphere of the facility.

Go ahead and reach out to us today.  We can help answer all of your questions.