4 common myths about memory care

Life In A Memory Care Facility: 4 Common Misconceptions

Everyone who has had a parent or family member with dementia, or Alzheimer’s, knows just how hard it can be. The very idea of putting your loved one in any type of “Long-Term Care Facility” can be intimidating. Chances are you have already heard a wide range of experiences and opinions, some which may be less than encouraging. At Arizona Assisted Living, located in Queen Creek, we strive to foster an inclusive environment that is truly focused on our residents’ well-being. The specific needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s are addressed with empathy.

4 Common Misconceptions About Living at a Memory Care Facility.

1. “The Staff Won’t Truly Care About My Loved One”
2. “My Loved One Will Spend All Day Alone in a Room”
3. “The Facility Won’t Accommodate My Loved One’s Unique Needs.”
4. “My Loved One Won’t Be Spending The Holidays With Us Anymore”

“The Staff Won’t Truly Care About My Loved One”

Our memory care staff here, are specially trained in dementia care. Our licensed nurse practitioners are more than just caregivers; they are caring, trusted friends. While caring for our residents they plan and participate in fun activities. Our small resident-to-caregiver ratio helps allow for one-on-one time and the formation of close-knit relationships. It does not take long before family members know everyone on staff on a first name basis. We are not a “mega” facility that packs in residents or experiences a high employee turnover rate. We are proud of the intimate care that our small facility offers.

“My Loved One Will Spend All Day Alone in a Room”

Most seniors will not want to isolate once that have made friends with the other residents and staff. Our spacious memory care facility allows residents to stretch their legs and really move around. Our Queen Creek Facility is uniquely set up to provide memory care. Inside the home, we have many amenities including: a self-playing grand piano, aquarium, high speed internet, and movie theatre complete with a popcorn machine! Outside, we have even more to offer. Between our aviary, reptile area, and garden there is always something to do. 

“The Memory Care Facility Won’t Accommodate My Loved One’s Unique Needs.”

Some people worry that while in any long-term care facility their loved ones might “lose their identity”. We make a serious effort to accommodate all residents with memory loss. We encourage social activity but know how to give proper space to those who are more introverted. Everyone is unique, and that goes for senior too. Some will get up early, other prefer to sleep in. Either way they can expect fresh homemade meals throughout the day as well as snacks and proper hydration. After admission, each resident and their family help create a list of unique behaviors, interests, and needs. Anything, from meal preferences to when they like to take their shower or bath, is tailored to fit the needs of each resident.

“My Loved One Won’t Be Spending The Holidays With Us Anymore”

We want our residents to continue to make memories with their families. This includes Holidays as well! Some families will take their loved ones out to spend Christmas or another holiday together. While this works for some, we also encourage families to spend time at our facility! We always can accommodate families with enough notice, although we have temporarily had to limit the number of visitors at time due to Covid-19.

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