Assisted Living vs Nursing Homes

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

Assisted Living & Nursing Homes. What’s The Difference? 

Assisted living is not a nursing home.  A nursing home does more than the basic care of the person.  They are more of a medical center whereas an assisted living center is more just there for personal assistance and cooking.  While some people get them confused they are quite different in the fact that a nursing home is there mainly to provide care and housing is secondary.  Where in assisted living housing is primary and the care is secondary.  Maybe your loved one can get dressed on their own and bathe on their own but has trouble remembering to shut off the stove or has a hard time with taking out the trash and other daily things that we need to do in order to live.   

Many times our older generation gets these two terms confused.  Here at our facility they will have their own space and their own room, most of the time.  They can have snacks and other personal items in that room as well such as a favorite chair or television and other technology.  We offer wifi for their convenience so they can connect with loved ones with the latest devices. Our staff is also trained to help them on their devices as we understand that this is not the generation that created the devices.  However, they are wonderful for family and friends to have online meetings and a great perk up for our guests.

Improve the life of your loved one.

When you are looking to improve your loved ones’ life, you are looking for a place that cares.  We work with our patients in order to understand their needs and meet them.  Every person is different, some like more socialization than others and that’s okay too.  Our staff has put together a bunch of different daily activities to choose from so there is always something to do.  This keeps them busy and active as well as helps their minds stay fit.  We have games and activities that they can participate in as well as a cafeteria that they can come to for meals.

Most people that are in nursing homes either have dementia, serious medical issues are in rehab for a surgical procedure.  Many don’t leave their beds or sit in a wheelchair.  They need more medical attention that requires trained medical staff on various levels.  Oftentimes there are physical therapists involved and rehab specialists.  Many times these people are not getting out of the nursing home as their care is just too much.  We are a place where many times people come to rehab and then go home.  This is a place where they come to heal and get better.  It can be a final destination or a place to get the rest you need to heal properly to go back home.  

If you are interested in knowing your options with senior care and have questions, feel free to reach out. You can also schedule a tour of our facility in Queen Creek AZ  We work with families every day to improve their loved one’s lifestyle.