Forgetting to Take Medication

7 Signs Your Aging Parent Needs Help

Everyone gets old. And more often than not with age comes the need for additional care and assistance. Not giving our parents this extra help when they need it, can be quite risky as their health declines over time. The signs that their mental health is in decline vary and some are more obvious than others. Maybe their food is spoiling, mail is piling up, or something just seems out of normal. In this article, we’re going to take a look at 7 signs your aging parent needs help now.

These signs aren’t in any particular order, as they are all important. If you see one of these signs in one of your parent’s behaviors, you should keep a close eye on them.

#1 Bad Checks, Late Payment Notices, Collection Calls

Signs Your Parent Needs Helps

A parent struggling to manage their finances is a major indicator they need assistance. Forgetting to make regular payments is within itself a major problem. You might notice they are getting collection calls. This could mean they have been in decline for a while now.

To make matters worse, often when someone forgets to pay their bills, they can get extremely stressed afterward. This can then lead to other mental health issues like anxiety or depression. If your parent has been receiving any late payment notices or something similar, you should consider doing what you can to improve their living situation. This might mean having them live in your house or seeking out a local assisted living facility for them to stay.

#2 Intense Mood Swings

If your parent’s mood is changing frequently, that means their emotions are too. This could also signify mental health issues which means they need your help. If their general behavior towards you or others seem drastically different, there may be need for concern.

#3 Forgetting to Take Medications

Forgetting to Take Medication

If your parents are forgetting to take medications, it’s another sign that they need your help. They have been prescribed their medications for a reason. In many cases, it can also be quite dangerous if they aren’t taking them. So, if they’ve been forgetting to take their medications, it’s a sign that they need your help.

#4 Poor Personal Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene is also a signal that you should watch out for. If you’re frequently noticing this with your parent, it could be a sign that they are struggling with day to day life. Of course, it depends on how bad it is, but it should always at least be a sign that you should keep an eye on them and offer some help.

#5 Messy House

Hoarding and Sign of Mental Health Decline

A messy house is another sign. Things like piled up mail and newspapers, not throwing old food away, and forgetting to take out the garbage are clear indicators that something is off.  This is especially the case if they haven’t been so messy throughout the rest of their life. Keep an eye on them, speak to them, and if things do not improve consider getting professional help.

#6 Loss Of Interest

If your parent has lost interest in activities they used to enjoy, this is a warning sign. When someone is older, they should enjoy their favorite activities more than ever. Lacking the desire to attend family events, or not wanting to leave the house at all, could be signs of their declining mental health.

#7 Car Damage

Last but not least, another big sign is car damage. This includes scrapes, dents or any other types of unexplained car damage. If this is something you are noticing, you should try to stop your loved one from driving. Next time this happens, it could end worse. Keep an eye on their car, and make sure that they are driving safely.

What can you do?

Once you suspect mental decline in your loved one’s health, you should seek medical attention. If they need a new place to live with assistance, contact one of us at Arizona Assisted Living,

Common Indicators that your parent needs assitance